Cibayara Acosta
Cibby is a US-based Cuban Taíno comic artist. She currently lives in Savannah, Georgia – widely acknowledged as one of the most haunted cities in America. In a city literally built on bones, Cibby finds time to work on her children’s and educational media, do storyboard work, and care for her pet gecko Peppers.
Eric Anderson
Eric is a professional fine artist, writer, sometimes graphic designer, and the vocalist and lyricist for an avant-garde metal band. He holds an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York, where he lived and worked for a decade before relocating to Los Angeles with his wife in 2015. His clients range from Playboy to the Wall Street Journal, and his paintings are in numerous private collections across the United States.
Allison Bannister
Allison is a writer and artist. Recently, she’s collaborated on work for Wayward Sisters and the upcoming anthology Ever Afterward. She has also contributed solo work to small press publications including Awesome 'Possum, Maple Key Comics, Dog City Comics and Seven Days.

She has self-published a YA graphic novel and a variety of mini-comics, the most recent of which, “Ghost Room,” won a McKinney Writing Award and was published online by Burning House Press.  She was also a co-editor on the anthology Who is the Silhouette? which was successfully kickstarted this past spring.
Warren Belfield
Warren grew up in the suburbs outside of Richmond Virginia, filling his head with monster movies and superheroes. The greater part of his childhood was spent daydreaming and drawing.

Since graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2001 with a BFA in Illustration, he’s worked on many different types of projects including illustration, design, concept art, and storyboards for animation and video. Much of this work was for Hand Turkey Studios, a company he helped start in 2004.

These days he lives in Richmond with his wife, son, two cats and a wiener dog. The greater part of his adult life is still spent daydreaming and drawing.
Haley Boros
Haley is an illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer. She works with ink, markers, Procreate, and watercolours to create wonderfully cute and whimsical illustrations of botanicals, animals, and people. Haley lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband Jessy and their dog Rusty.
Brogan Luke Bouwhuis
By day, he’s a writer. By night, he is still a writer. Brogan devotes whatever time isn’t occupied by his writing day job to writing comics and movies. He’s contributed to the comic anthologies Strange Romance and CORPUS, worked on the television series Extinct, and recently won the University of Utah Short Script Competition.
Su Jen Buchheim
Su Jen is a professional illustrator, storyboard and sketch artist. Originally from Germany, she moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to study Illustration and Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design, and has continued to hone her skills with classes at the Animation Guild, Art Center, and the Society of Illustrators. Her experience includes children's book illustrations, website animation, movie posters, and commercial storyboards.
Cindy Butor
Cindy is a comics creator and library worker who lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her fiancée Sam and their adorable, but purely decorative, cat Dinah. She loves playing Dungeons and Dragons, writing and drawing, and trying out unhealthy but delicious recipes. She is currently creating the web comic Tiers & Conditions May Apply with her collaborative creator, the mysterious Moos.
Melissa Capriglione
Melissa is an artist and writer best known for Falconhyrste, a weekly webcomic about nerds, demons, and a boarding school with a mysterious secret. She’s also established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of short comics, making contributions to anthologies like Strange Romance, Awesome Possum, Recondite Hill, Lilies, and Princeless: Girls Rock.
Dino Caruso
Dino lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife and two kids. He’s been published in a variety of anthologies and has projects currently available from Caliber Comics, Action Lab Comics and Markosia. He loves a good chocolate chip cookie!
Cristian Docolomansky Cerda
Cristian was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1977 and moved to Chile in 1995, where he graduated as an Industrial Designer in 2001. He is currently working as an inker, mostly for Dogitia, Ariete Productions in Chile, but has also done work for IDW, Scout Comics, Advent Comics, BeyondReality Media, Markosia, and ECV Press. Last, but not least, he is the creator of the comic series In.jvsticia currently being published in Chile by Ariete Producciones.
Chloe Chan
Chloe is an illustrator currently working in mobile games. She has worked on several comics published in anthologies, including Elements: Fire, Bones of the Coast, Exploded View, and also Landon’s Shadow, which has been shortlisted for the Kodansha International Manga Competition. She has also worked on webcomics such as Honeydew Syndrome and Two Keys.
Patsy Chen
Pat is a Brooklyn based artist. She draws cute and silly art, but has an appetite for spooky stories!

Pat creates the webcomic BFGFS and 4 Scoops of Spoonz. Her work has been in Adventure Time and Welcome to Showside and she has contributed to a number of anthologies, including Enough Space for Everyone Else which has been nominated for an Eisner.
Kirill Chernov
Kirill is a one-man team from Tallinn, Estonia. Comic books are both a hobby and aspiration for him. He’s been previously published in Future Quake magazine on several occasions as a scriptwriter and an artist, as well as in a few fanzines.
Nathan Chio
Nathan writes comics about history, relationships, and fighting injustice. When he’s not making comics, he teaches World and African American history at North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA.
Angela Cole
Angela is a queer writer of mixed cultures from Phoenix, AZ. She’s a devourer comics and folklore and am a magnet for stray kittens and baby birds. She loves to create stories and to learn more about her family's cultures.
Garret Ellison
Garret is a comic writer and horror nerd dredged from the muddy depths of the Ohio River. He now terrorizes the city of Cincinnati with a keyboard fueled by the energy of dead script pitches and ghost stories told around the campfire.
Ryan Estrada
Ryan has been making comics since the early 1980s. He started pitching strips to newspapers when he was six, and finally got a job when he was sixteen. For Iron Circus Comics, he wrote Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here, Banned Book Club, and Student Ambassador. He self-published Aki Alliance, Broken Telephone, and The Kind. His work has appeared in such anthologies as Flight: Volume 4, Tim’rous Beastie, CORPUS, New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei, Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume 2, This Is How You Die, The Nib, and many others.
Craig Florence
Craig is a dreamer and the father to two amazing children. Sometimes he makes comics.
Camila Fortuna
Camila is a South American bi married mom of a 2 year old baby girl, who loves her 9 dogs and devilish cat. She has been working as a freelance artist on illustration, character design, and comics, with the occasional game gig for 6 years. Her latest comic, "The Princess Without a Reflection" was featured in Valor II Anthology, but she would like to focus and make even more comics. She's had a deep love for horror movies ever since she was a young girl, ranging from B movies to slashers to comedic horror. In her free time, she's been slowly working on her own horror comics.

This anthology presented great chance for her to flex her creative muscles while mixing two things she loves: horror and comics.
Dillon Gilbertson
Dillon is a comic book writer who grew up in Prineville, OR less than a mile away from the haunted bridge featured in his story. He currently resides in San Diego, CA where he writes as much as he can before visiting Prineville to occasionally relinquish the self-inflicted suffering it causes. Previous works include Bear Arm Baby, The Cellar Calls My Name, and Sweet Heart.
Sunny Go
Sunny is a Vancouverite who yearns to create. A fearless artist, Sunny loves tabletop games, comics, and animation. They have contributed to the cloudscape anthology Bones of the Coast, Bartkira and are currently working on an upcoming Red Stylo Media anthology based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Danny Jiménez
Danny is a freelance comic artist and illustrator from Chile. Between 2006 and 2008, he started as a semi-professional comic artist in the miniseries “Guardianes” featured in Caleuche, drawing wallpapers for cellphones, and for many websites like Multiverze Studio. Since then, he has worked on various other projects with the Chilean publisher Ariete Producciones including La Senda del Errante: Confesor, a story inspired by a tragic event in Chile´s actual history, which will be released under new title El Ejercito de Dios: Fuego & Azufre published by Accion comics.
Min The Elephant (Jeongmin Lee)
Min is a South Korean illustrator who founded the Busan-based Exotic Beasts collective. She recently published her first comic, My Deer Eye. She is working on her next book, which will be released in November.
Shu Chen Li
Shu Chen is a Vancouver-based illustrator currently working in the mobile gaming industry. She takes inspiration from manga, historic art, and everyday people and objects around her.
Julia Lindeman
Julia is 23-years-old, aroace, painfully shy, and from Finland. This her first anthology. She has had ten comic strips published to her local news paper.
Michelle Lino
Michelle is an artist living in Peru. Drawing since the age of 10, art started as a hobby for Michelle but as time passed she realized that she really wanted to dedicate herself to it.
Anastasia Longoria
Anastasia is a Mexican-American illustrator who enjoys making narratives and illustrations that delve into various worlds. Her works cover comedy, romance, sexual identity, and cultural experiences.
Kara Love
Kara wanted to hear lesser known ghost stories from around the world and figured making an anthology was the simplest way to go about it. She has previously written comics for Welcome to Showside and Squatchthology. She also regularly covers live music concerts for PlayListPlay.
Morgan Luthi
Morgan has illustrated various comics for the better part of the last 10 years for clients including Boom! Studios. He currently illustrates a web comic, Frankie of Phazer Force, at He lives with his wife and two sons just outside Sacramento, CA.
Rowan MacColl
Rowan is a freelance comic artist and recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. After spending most of her life in Connecticut, she is often inspired by the forests that fuel most spooky New England stories. Her work is always balancing between dark and playful, with a strong emphasis on line art.
Melissa J Massey
Melissa is a comic creator from Northern New Jersey, currently living in Philadelphia. Inspired by the cartoons and anime she watched as a bored child, she began telling stories through comics at a young age and never stopped. Having never learned to draw on a tablet, she uses pens and markers as her tools of the trade, creating painterly effects influenced by baroque paintings and architecture. When not drawing, Melissa J can be found crying over Formula One racing or screaming about the Eurovision Song Contest. Or maybe she’s just a sentient pair of sunglasses possessing a human female. You don’t know.
Aaron Mayper
Eons ago, unnamed masses swirled, congealed, and forged strange new propagations. Out of the elements came spheres, chemicals, life. Out of the life came Aaron Mayper, a Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator. Now, he uses those self-same elements that made him to make marks on flat surfaces until inevitably, mercifully, he is swept back into the nameless place.
Joni Miller
Joni is a writer and artist. She currently works on two ongoing webcomics, City of Depression and Welderkin. When she’s not drawing comics, she is probably freaking out or reading tarot cards.
Eddie Monotone
Eddie makes comics and illustrations. Some are funny, some are sad, some are scary, some have robots in them. These categories often overlap. Eddie lives in Auckland with his partner and their toddler. He has had short pieces and illustrations published in Makeshift, Idealog, the Aotearotica Journal and the Funtime Comics Anthology.
Ronny Morales
Ronny is a young, self-taught artist from Venezuela, making his first step into world of comics with this anthology. He loves writing whenever he's not drawing; fantasy and horror stories are his favorites to read.
Ray Nadine
Ray lives in St. Louis, MO just a short drive from the town of Collinsville, IL (where their story takes place.) They work all day and night as a comic creator. They love the city, and in their free time they love fixing their moped, collecting skulls, and playing video games.

They are currently the artist for Messenger, written by Paul Tobin and published by Webtoon. They are also part of the Everything Is Going Wrong anthology, edited by Mark Bouchard and Megan Rae. Other publication include Dollhouse, Anchored, Satellites, Knives Out, and a handful of zines and other projects they can’t talk about yet.
Phenylketonurics is busy in the comics world, publishing her long-running webcomic There's no Such Thing as Jason both on her own site and at Tapas.
Dan Rafter
Dan’s comic scripts have been published by IF-X comics anthology, MangaQuake, the Vagabound Comics anthology, Bluewater Publishing, Tabulit, and others.
Alberto Rayo
Alberto is a comic book writer based in Lima, Perú. He’s been writing comics and making fanzines since he was 17. His family was always tied to santería and chamanismo as much as catholicism, and he likes to include the formers in his comic book writing.
Emily Riesbeck
Emily has been self-publishing their webcomic series, The Blue Valkyrie, for over 3 years. Their short comic “Library Love” was featured in Chubby LGBT Anthology Volume 4 and their debut graphic novel, It’s Your Funeral, will be published by Iron Circus Comics.
Mike Rickaby
Mike in addition to working as a letterer, runs his own comics publishing company, CE Publishing Group.
Luca 'Malkamok' Romano
As a young kid he spent too much time reading, playing cello and guitar, roleplaying, and video gaming. He hasn't stopped yet, and has just added graphic design and digital coloring to the bunch. Most recently he has been the co-lead colorist for the animated horror movie Malevolent.
Chris Rowlands
Elle Skinner
Elle is a Bay Area based comic artist. Her work has previously been featured in Erstwhile Fairy Tales and Swim On: A Shark Zine. Her ongoing webcomic, Missing Monday, is published by Hiveworks. She loves nothing more than to put on some good music and walk around the neighborhood or to sit inside and sip a warm cup of tea while reading a book.
Giulia Spinicci
Giulia is a 29 years old Italian girl, currently living in London (UK). She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and Foreign Literature and Languages at the University of Milan. She is currently working on a comic for the Italian publisher Bao Publishing. She loves trying different genres in comics and experimenting with styles.

Her story “The Sycamore Tree” was published in the Meanwhile… anthology from Soaring Penguin Press. In 2017, her story “The Other Flowers of the Garden” won a jury prize in the Lucca Comics Project Contest and her story “After Your Own Heart” was shortlisted in the same contest in 2015.
Ketsuo Tategami
Ketsuo is an illustrator, comic artist, character designer and digital art teacher. He has worked as editor and artist for Pandemia Studios, a local independant comic book publisher. Some of his artwork has been featured in books such as World of Warcraft Tribute (Blizzard Entertainment), Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute (Capcom), Gamer for Life (Gamers For Good), Darkstalkers VS Street Fighter comic (Udon Entertainment), as well as cartoon humor books, fantasy art calendars and art exhibits.
Ian Wood
Ian Wood is a New York-based writer and television producer, originally from a small farm in Northeast Ohio. Growing up with no one his own age around to associate with, he learned how to make his own fun, inventing wild stories to keep the many pigs entertained. Now an adult, Ian has been unable to break that habit, continuing to write and recently becoming decent at it. Still no audience will ever live up to the pigs.